Sr Model Range (MM)
1 HP-FA-01 20 to 50
2 HP-FA-02 63 to 160
3 HP-FA-03 140 to 280
4 HP-FA-04 200 to 315
4 HP-FA-05 250 to 400

Standard Machine Features:

Pipe Length Up to 6000 mm
Types of Socket Solvent Cement Joint / Elastomer Ring Fit / SWR Joint
Pipe Rotation Automatic
Pipe Loading Manual
Pipe transfer one section to next section Automiatic
Pipe intersection on tool Automatic
Heating section 1 No
Heaters Ceramic Infrared
Forming Section 1 No
Tool Ejection from socketed Pneumatic/Hydraulics
Cooling system Water

Accessories required for the machine

  1. Ejector rings for different pipe size (Outside Diameter)
  2. Guide clamp for different pipe diameter